hiring a consultant for a hiring spree

hiring a consultant for a hiring spree

Factoring In Scalability When Designing A Trade Show Exhibit

Mary Jenkins

If you are going to be showing the same exhibit at multiple trade shows, you'll need to make sure that your exhibit can scale up or down to take into consideration the space available at different events. When you are able to make your exhibit larger, you'll not only draw more attention, but you'll be able to do more with your exhibit. 


For each trade show, you will want to try to secure a convenient location. This will increase the number of individuals who will be attending your trade show booth and will also allow you to ensure that you have enough space for your exhibit. Learn about how much space you will have as soon as possible so you can plan ahead. 


Consider having elements that you can rent to make sure that you do not have to store them when you no longer need them. For example, you might need to rent a display case to show more of your products at a larger event, but you don't want pay more to purchase the entire display case.

Exhibit Highlights

Think about the most important elements in your trade show exhibit. These are the elements that you will not want to remove when you are designing a scaled-down trade show. Then, think about the maximum number of items you could include in a trade show. You could create almost an entire replica of a storefront filled with your products. 

Contests and Promotional Items

A large trade show exhibit is not always a good thing. If your exhibit is too large, those at the trade show might become confused. For example, if you will be holding a contest, the trade show attendees might not be able to figure out how to participate in your contest. On the other hand, if you will have a large number of promotional items, more space will allow you to set up a large table for these items. Otherwise, when you run out of promotional items, you may have less attention drawn to your exhibit.

Digitally Designing Your Trade Show Exhibit

Fortunately, when you are working with a trade show design company, it's much easier to create a trade show booth that can be easily scaled up. You can have your booth visualized with a digital mock-up. That way, you can design several types of exhibits based on how much space you'll have at a particular event. 


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hiring a consultant for a hiring spree

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